Connecting beekeepers and farmers

A valuable tool connecting beekeepers with farmers & informing of crop protection activities nearby.

Welcome to BeeConnected – bringing farmers and beekeepers together, and keeping beekeepers notified when a neighbouring farmer is applying insecticides to their crops.

If you’re a farmer or spray contractor, simply register below as a farmer, enter the details of when and where you're planning to spray an insecticide that may present a risk to bees (for instance on a flowering crop, or where the field has a conservation buffer strip), and a simple notification will be sent to neighbouring beekeepers registered with the system.

If you're a beekeeper, simply register below as a beekeeper, enter the position of your hives on our easy - to - use mapping system, and you will receive notifications from registered farmers when they are planning to spray their crops at a proximity of your choosing up to 5km away.


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